"Moblie" Legal Services


Mobile legal services are offered by TLAS to individuals who live in remote areas and are not able or do not have the means to travel and have access to the legal aid clinic. The TLAS group, composed of a lawyer and student interns, take the TLAS car equipped with a laptop, a printer, publications, and necessary office supplies to rural areas, and conducts interviews and provides advice on location to clients who fulfill the criteria to receive legal aid.

The TLAS mobile legal services started in 2005 in order to provide assistance to this distinct category of persons living in rural areas who are not aware of the availability of legal aid and do not know where or how to find such information. In these cases, it was felt that TLAS should reach out to these individuals on the ground.
This programme was shown very successful and several hundreds of individuals have benefited from this service.

Mobile Clinic activity is another type of street law activity, where the TLAS Lawyers & counselors who travel with a vehicle equipped with all the necessary technological equipment (laptop computer, printer, stationery) during which the documentation that is necessary to be filed for legal transfers of residence, birth registrations and similar activities regarding the registered problems are being prepared on the spot in order to accelerate the procedure and filings. The provision of the service directly in field through advising or preparation of the documents aims the expedition of the procedures, avoidance of the delays and excessive expenses of the beneficiaries.

During the mobile services, the TLAS vehicle is equipped as a “mobile clinic”, with all the necessary papers and equipment (laptop, printer etc) to enable them to begin preparing the necessary documentation on the spot for dealing with the legal problems that individuals present to them.