Intership Programme

In 2001, Tirana Legal Aid Service (TLAS) established the Internship Programme (professional practice), which is a programme on the voluntary participation in the support of the people in need of the motivated students, with highest and best results of the Faculty of Law and of the Social Works. The Internship Programme of TLAS is a good opportunity to build a practical experience on the field of law and social works, where the Internship Programme students assist the TLAS staff on their work in support of the people in need. 
Through this Programme the selected students shall practice and exercise their theoretical tuition in the field. 
Since 2001, in the Internship Programme are involved more than 30 students.

The Internship Programme is for 12 months. Amongst other advantages, it aims to prepare and train the law and social work students on the voluntary work, to contribute in the provision of the legal aid, as well as in the legal education and awareness of the community.

Internship Programme eligibility criteria

The main duties and tasks of the Internship Programme students in the Tirana Legal Aid Service, includes, but are not limited, the following:

  1. Assist the TLAS staff on the services provided to the clients, through:a. Assisting the paralegal counselors on the clients interviewing process;
    b. Assisting the lawyers during the court procedures; 
    c. Drafting and preparing simple legal petition or application for the clients in the direct supervision of the TLAS lawyers or counselors;
    d. Assisting in the administrative well-functioning of the office.
  2. Actively participate in the street law activities in Tirana District and other Districts of Albania, through:a. Organization of Street Law activities in rural and urban areas of Tirana District or other areas of Albania. 
    b. Distribution and dissemination of legal information, publications and other legal materials, prepared by TLAS, etc.
    c. Raising the awareness of the public and the community on human rights, especially in the organization and well-progress of the activities in the Day of Justice, 10th of May.
  3. Participate in the project activities organized by TLAS.

Eligibility criteria on the admittance for the Internship Programme

The individual (student) who aspire to be involved with the Intenship Programme of Tirana Legal Aid Society (TLAS), must meet the following criteria:

  1. Student of third or fourth grade in the Faculty of Law or the Faculty of Social Works;
  2. Have high marks (scores, credits). The average mark should be over 9.5 of ten.
  3. Have good acknowledge of MS Office programs;
  4. Have food acknowledge of English language;
  5. Show ability to work individually and/or in team;
  6. Show good will and spirit to be involved in voluntary work with TLAS target groups (people in need).

In the admission procedures shall be considered the gender policies of the Tirana Legal Aid Service (TLAS).

Application Procedure

The Internship Programme applicants must provide to TLAS the following documents:

  1. An application, stating the motive of the involvement in the Programme; 
  2. Curriculum vitae; 
  3. Certificate of the Faculty marks (credits);
  4. Priority shall have the students that shall provide certificates of acknowledge of the English language and of the computer basic programs. 
  5. A letter of reference from a professor of the Law Faculty, including the details of the professor.

The applications and the supporting documents must be sent to:

Bulevardi "Bajram Curri", Pallatet Agimi, Shk.18, Ap.322, 
Tirana, Albania
Phone: 355 4 22 58 442
E-mail address: