Advocacy and Law Improvements

The mission of TLAS includes one of the most ambitious activities “improvements of the legal system”. Since its start TLAS has been engaged in many activities related to the law improvements, in the support of the people in need, whose voice is not heard by the government and their access to justice is limited because of the lack of their means.

The law improvement initiatives of TLAS during these years are listed below:

Law initiative on the amendment of the Law No. 7698, dated 15. 04. 1993 “On the restitution and compensation of properties to ex-owners”. The TLAS work and the final product was considered and reviewed by the working group established by OSBE in cooperation with the government for the drafting and approval of the new law.

Law initiative on the amendment of the Law no. 8950, dated 10.10.2005 “On Civil Status”. Such amendments constitute an efficient legal instrument that shall positively affect the reduction of the phenomena of failure of registration of births and death cases. The law amendments intend to directly support the registration of the individuals on the civil status registrars, as a pre-step for the digitalization of the Civil Status Services.

Monitoring the implementation of the law “On civil Status” 2010

The opinions and recommendations of TLAS on the Law no. 9355, “On social assistance and services”, related to the inclusion of single mothers within the economical and social benefits was a huge achievement, because these category of individuals had never benefited from the economical assistance schemes, being unjustly discriminated.

Law initiative in cooperation with the National Association for Protection of Occupation and Democracy in Albania (NAPOD) regarding the recognition of the working years of former inmates during their incarceration, for retirement pension effects. This was one of the most ambitious initiatives in the support of those thousand individuals that could not benefited from the pension schemes, because during their criminal sentence (during the communist regime), they worked in many sectors of the economy and industry and their working years were not recognized by the law. This law initiative is in the final steps and it is expected for the Council of Ministers to present an inclusive legal package on this purpose.

The Tirana Legal Aid Service, based on its experience in the provision of the free legal assistance, has drafted a new law on the legal aid services, that shall aim to establish, for the first time in Albania, a legal aid system, as well a legal aid strategy (policy paper). The Law no. 10039 “On Legal Aid” was approved in December 2008 and was enacted in April 2009. TLAS is aiming to play a leading role in the drafting and implementation of the subsidiary legislation according to the law and the establishment of the proper structure provided by this law. You may download the law here:  Law on Legal Aid.

Law initiative on the amendment of the Law  “On welfare and social benefits”, 2010.

Some Conclusions from the study report of the legislation “On legal assistance and social programmes” 2010

Report "Situation of the Legal Aid in Albania


  1. Survey in 13 courts in Albania for “Measuring the satisfaction of Court Users” 2008-2009-2010
  2. Study on the Housing Legislation in Albania 2011
  3. Study “On Judicial Taxes and Tariffs in Albania” 2011